Everything You Need to Know About Long Eye and Short Eye Relief Scope

What is one of the things that you find important when it comes to scope hunting? Eye relief should always be one of the major factors. This can affect how functional the scope is going to be for you. If you choose the wrong eye relief scope, it will not work on your handgun or even your rifle.

What is Eye Relief?

Eye relief refers to the distance between the lens to the scope of your eye so that you can focus on things properly. If the eye relief is less than 5 inches, it will be called short eye relief. If it is longer than 6 inches, then it would be called long eye relief.

When you are using short eye relief scope, this means that your eyes would be close to the lens of the scope. This can be helpful when you want to mount your scope back further.

If you want to use long eye relief, this means that you would like to scope further up. You will be able to use firearms that will come with heavy recoil. Some people would choose this when you are using handguns.

More Details About Long Eye Relief

Do you know that choosing long eye relief is going to come with a lot of advantages? You will have a wider view of your surroundings. This can be great because you will know where you should shoot and if there are some things that you should avoid.

  • You will be able to shoot with both your eyes open. This means that you will be able to spot your target and make more accurate hits.
  • You will be able to use the rifle in a more natural position. A lot of marksmen like this because they know that they do not need to crane their necks to get a good shot.
  • This can be less tiring to use especially when you are planning to do some hunting for a long time.

Details About Short Eye Relief

If long eye relief is great, why do people choose short eye relief? This means that the scope will be placed closer to the eye. Those who are used to long eye relief may find this overwhelming in the beginning.

You are recommended to get 2-inch short eye relief if you are using rifles. You can go up to 4 inches if there is heavy recoil. Make sure that you will not hit yourself in the face when the recoil of the gun that you are using is too strong.

  • This can give you a true view of your surroundings. It will be easier to determine where you should aim your gun.
  • You are going to feel that balancing your rifle is going to be easier. This is usually lightweight and will be more comfortable when you start firing.
  • There are a lot of reticle options that are available so that you can do accurate calculations. The high magnification will be great too.


Remember that eye relief is going to change with magnification. What does this mean? It means that if you are going to use higher magnification, the shorter the eye relief is going to be. It can be hard when you need to change scopes dramatically depending on what you need.

Consider your natural body position so that you can decide which scope will work best for your needs. Remember that balancing your rifle can also be an issue especially if you are going to use the scope for a long time.

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