Some Tips on Choosing a Reticle for Long-Range Shooting

Do you know that different types of shooting would require different types of expectations? For example, if you are planning to do some long-range shooting, you cannot use your red dot reticle. You need to find the right equipment. How are you going to do that? The more that you know, the better you will be at making the best choice.

Different Types of Long-Range Shooting

There are different types of long-range shooting that you can participate in. Some of them are the following:

  • Extreme Long-Range Shooting – This is popular among those who would like to do hunting and outdoor activities.
  • Benchrest – This is one of the best ones to use when people want to shoot little groups.
  • ARA .22 Rimfire – Different competitions are being done for this. This would require the use of a .22 long rifle firearm.

Important Factors to Consider When Looking for Long-Range Reticle

There are different things to consider when you are searching for the right long-range reticle. For instance, every bullet that you will use in the long-range shooting will be affected by different factors such as the following:

  • Bullet Drop – Gravity will always play a huge role in how well they will fly and if they would be able to reach your target. You should have the right reticle that can compensate for the drop that will occur.
  • Wind – Can you imagine if you are trying to shoot your target and the wind is just blowing too hard? You need to know more about the wind so that you can properly compensate.
  • Bullet Drop Compensator – This is another thing that you should consider. Different ones are available for different calibers. Get to know the caliber of your reticle just to be sure.

What Reticles Should You Avoid?

People will have different preferences when it comes to reticles. Those that other people would recommend that you should avoid may be great for your needs. It is best if you would check all of the reviews of the reticles that you are considering purchasing before making a choice.

Some Examples of Great Reticles You Should Know

Some reticles are just considered great by beginners and experts. If you have the budget to purchase the right reticle, then you can just check the different items out and make the best choice.

  1. The NightForce Velocity 1000

If you know that you need to fire for up to 1000 yards then there is no need to look any further. This is the one that you need. This will come with a pyramid design that can be useful for easy windage. Bullet drop compensation is up to a kilometer too. Shots can be fast and precise which can make shooting easier for you to do.

  • Vortex EBR-2C

This type of reticle makes use of MRAD measurements that can be effective to compensate for windage and bullet drop. This can also be used when you want to size your target. Some say that it is 2 in 1 and very effective.

  • Schmidt and Bender MSR Reticle

A lot of people like this because they see this as an effective tactical scope. The reticle system can be a bit complicated for beginners. Those who know how to use it will have no trouble making this work for them. The hash marks can make this very accurate. If you are already an expert, this is one of the most useful reticles you will come across.


There are great reticles and there are some that you should learn to avoid this early. The more that you know about them, the better your choice is going to be. The right choice will make a lot of difference with your long-range shooting experience.

How Can You Choose Between Red Dot vs Holographic Sight?

What do you call someone who has a lot of guns but cannot even hit a target? Some people would be laughing at this person. He may have all the money and the means to purchase the things that he wants but he cannot be good at using these guns.

Weapon precision is always going to be important and this is something that you can do as long as you have the right tools. Two choices are available if you want to use more advanced technologies. These are red dot and holographic sight. How will you choose between the two?

Why You Should Choose Red Dot Sight?

From the name itself, can you guess what a red dot sight does? This will allow you to get a visual image on your lens. The lens of this item will be coated with a special material. This will allow the light to be reflected so that the target will be easier to find. The red dot can be found on the target. All that you have to do is to hit it.

It may not always be accurate but this will come with a lot of advantages such as the following:

  • Hitting the target will be quicker because you will know if you have a high chance of hitting your prey or not.
  • This can be an advantage when you are using it for close-range shooting because the red dot can be seen easily.
  • This is the choice of people who would like to use handguns that are not common.

Why Consider Getting Holographic Sight?

The design of the holographic sight is very similar to the red dot sight. The difference is you will see a holographic image in circular or in dot form. This is because of the laser that will be reflected on the grid.

  • People consider this easy to use because they can see the holographic image perfectly well.
  • The laser image will surround your target so you will have a clearer idea of when you should shoot.
  • There are also different reticle images to choose from. Pick the one that will work best for you.

Some of the Differences Between These Two Sights

Let us say that you want to know more about these two sights so that you can choose properly. How will you make the best choice? When it comes to power consumption, the red dot will be using less energy as compared to holographic sight. You can consider this when you know that you have to use one of these items for a long time.

For the red dot, the dot will appear right on the target. For the holographic sight, the reticle image will surround the item that you want to hit. You can decide based on what you think will help you hit your target better.

The magnification will also be different. If you are using the red dot and you are trying to magnify the image, you can expect that the dot will also become bigger. At times, it may cover your target. With holographic sight, your target will be closer but the image size will remain the same. Some users consider this an advantage and will choose the holographic sight over the red dot.


The right sight will help you become more accurate when you are trying to hit your target. Consider your preferences and all of the details that you have learned above. You need to get accurate shot placements and one of these two can be helpful to you.

Get Started by Shooting Long Range Using Iron Sights

There are so many technological advancements that are available now. A lot of things have changed. It cannot be denied that even in the world of shooting, things have changed a lot. There are now high-quality optics that people can use. People have forgotten how it’s like to just make use of iron sights.

Different factors can affect how well people will be able to shoot. Some of these factors are the following:

  • Rifle Type
  • Optics
  • Ammo
  • Wind
  • Elevation
  • Temperature

These are things that can easily be maneuvered provided that you have the right optics. What if your optics fail? You need to know how to use your iron sights.

Zeroing the Sight

Remember that like how you would use the mounted scope; you need to make sure that your iron sight is zeroed properly. To do this you need to know what type of sight you are using. The more details that you know, the better. You also have to know your barrel length. You may need to check the details of the item that you are using to better understand how to zero the iron sight.

If in case you are having trouble doing this, find a spotter. This person will make the adjustments that you need to improve the sight.

Can You Use Average Sights?

You cannot use average sights when you are shooting long-range. Just imagine how problematic this will be. You will not be able to target clearly. The chances that you are going to hit your target accurately will be a lot less. You also need to be precise when you are using your iron sights. You cannot do this when you only have average ones.

Make sure that you will consider all of the different iron sights that you can find in the market beforehand. The more details that you know, the better that you will be able to choose. You can also check the reviews that people have said about the different sights. The more positive reviews available, the better.

Differences Between Iron Sights and Modern Optics

Some say that the moment that you learn about modern optics, the more that you will get to appreciate great craftsmanship. Through optics, you are going to eliminate one issue that people have with iron sights – focus.

When you are using an iron sight, you need to be very particular with the alignment of the rear aperture and the front sight post. You do not have to worry about the peep sight because adjusting it is easy. The front sight is a completely different story. Just align the iron sights and pick the point you want to focus on.

Remember that if you focus the front sight too much, the view might become blurry. Hitting your target will be next to impossible. Using optics will make you realize how much easier life can be. There is no need to make some time-consuming adjustments. Of course, having iron sights can still be an advantage in the absence of optics.

Some things you need to know are the following:

  • Iron sights are going to be cheaper than modern optics.
  • Iron sights will not require batteries which is why they can be used every time.
  • No need to worry about the lens fogging up when you are using iron sights.


Some say that they still prefer using iron sights especially when they know that they are going to use it from a decent shooting place. They can be easier to clean too. Yet, you will get to decide if you want to use something traditional or modern when you are using your gun.

Everything You Need to Know About Long Eye and Short Eye Relief Scope

What is one of the things that you find important when it comes to scope hunting? Eye relief should always be one of the major factors. This can affect how functional the scope is going to be for you. If you choose the wrong eye relief scope, it will not work on your handgun or even your rifle.

What is Eye Relief?

Eye relief refers to the distance between the lens to the scope of your eye so that you can focus on things properly. If the eye relief is less than 5 inches, it will be called short eye relief. If it is longer than 6 inches, then it would be called long eye relief.

When you are using short eye relief scope, this means that your eyes would be close to the lens of the scope. This can be helpful when you want to mount your scope back further.

If you want to use long eye relief, this means that you would like to scope further up. You will be able to use firearms that will come with heavy recoil. Some people would choose this when you are using handguns.

More Details About Long Eye Relief

Do you know that choosing long eye relief is going to come with a lot of advantages? You will have a wider view of your surroundings. This can be great because you will know where you should shoot and if there are some things that you should avoid.

  • You will be able to shoot with both your eyes open. This means that you will be able to spot your target and make more accurate hits.
  • You will be able to use the rifle in a more natural position. A lot of marksmen like this because they know that they do not need to crane their necks to get a good shot.
  • This can be less tiring to use especially when you are planning to do some hunting for a long time.

Details About Short Eye Relief

If long eye relief is great, why do people choose short eye relief? This means that the scope will be placed closer to the eye. Those who are used to long eye relief may find this overwhelming in the beginning.

You are recommended to get 2-inch short eye relief if you are using rifles. You can go up to 4 inches if there is heavy recoil. Make sure that you will not hit yourself in the face when the recoil of the gun that you are using is too strong.

  • This can give you a true view of your surroundings. It will be easier to determine where you should aim your gun.
  • You are going to feel that balancing your rifle is going to be easier. This is usually lightweight and will be more comfortable when you start firing.
  • There are a lot of reticle options that are available so that you can do accurate calculations. The high magnification will be great too.


Remember that eye relief is going to change with magnification. What does this mean? It means that if you are going to use higher magnification, the shorter the eye relief is going to be. It can be hard when you need to change scopes dramatically depending on what you need.

Consider your natural body position so that you can decide which scope will work best for your needs. Remember that balancing your rifle can also be an issue especially if you are going to use the scope for a long time.

Calculating MOA – The Details You Have to Know

Do you often hear people say that sub-MOA rifle is their choice? You have already heard people say a few comments about this. Unless you know what MOA is, then you may not be able to relate. You can learn more about what MOA is and how it is calculated. Trust us, the more that you understand, the more that you will be able to relate to other people’s enthusiasm about it.

Knowing What MOA is

MOA stands for Minute of Angle. This is the angular value of 1/60th of a degree. Let us say that you would like to describe how the target is hit depending on the distance. You will be able to do that with the use of MOA. The scopes of the adjustments will usually be stated in MOA.

For example, you have done one click of your scope. This is going to be equal to ¼ MOA. If you shoot at 500 yards and the bullet is off by 20 inches, you can already compute. You already have all of the needed details.

To calculate the correction, you are going to follow this formula: 20 inches/5 (hundreds of yards) =4 MOA. You need to do 16 clicks on your scope to make this effective.

The more that you understand how to compute for MOA, the more that you will understand how your rifle behaves. This can be effective because you can base the things that you will do on the wind and the distance from where you are going to shoot. You can also make adjustments to your scope to use it properly.

Will Magnification Affect MOA?

Remember that each scope will have limited number of windage. You may purchase a scope with a magnification that will be ineffective for whatever you have in mind. The excess correction margin should always coincide with the ammunition that you are going to fire. This is even going to be more important if you would usually fire from long ranges.

Different things can become affected because of magnification such as the following:

  • The size of your target
  • The distance from where you are to your target
  • Accuracy of the shot

There is a solution to make things better. Mil-Dot crosshairs have been introduced. Those who understand how to use this will be able to use this to their advantage. Those who do not know how to read the angular minute may have a bit of trouble using this.

The best thing about this is that it can eliminate the need for some verticals. You just have to know the distance to the target or the height from where you are shooting your target multiplied by 1000 and divide that to the number of dots in the Mil-Dot.

The reticle may be affected depending on the scope that you have. Others can be used wherein the magnification will be unchanged no matter if you would be changing the magnification of the product.

You cannot consider the click value because this does not have any dependency on the magnification that you are using. The click price is going to be the same for all types of magnification. What will be different is the click value. This will change depending on the distance.


The more that you can use your scope to your advantage, the better your target accuracy is going to be. You need this. Just imagine if you would have all the best items but you cannot even hit your target. Knowing how to compute for MOA will make a lot of difference.