Some Tips on Choosing a Reticle for Long-Range Shooting

Do you know that different types of shooting would require different types of expectations? For example, if you are planning to do some long-range shooting, you cannot use your red dot reticle. You need to find the right equipment. How are you going to do that? The more that you know, the better you will be at making the best choice.

Different Types of Long-Range Shooting

There are different types of long-range shooting that you can participate in. Some of them are the following:

  • Extreme Long-Range Shooting – This is popular among those who would like to do hunting and outdoor activities.
  • Benchrest – This is one of the best ones to use when people want to shoot little groups.
  • ARA .22 Rimfire – Different competitions are being done for this. This would require the use of a .22 long rifle firearm.

Important Factors to Consider When Looking for Long-Range Reticle

There are different things to consider when you are searching for the right long-range reticle. For instance, every bullet that you will use in the long-range shooting will be affected by different factors such as the following:

  • Bullet Drop – Gravity will always play a huge role in how well they will fly and if they would be able to reach your target. You should have the right reticle that can compensate for the drop that will occur.
  • Wind – Can you imagine if you are trying to shoot your target and the wind is just blowing too hard? You need to know more about the wind so that you can properly compensate.
  • Bullet Drop Compensator – This is another thing that you should consider. Different ones are available for different calibers. Get to know the caliber of your reticle just to be sure.

What Reticles Should You Avoid?

People will have different preferences when it comes to reticles. Those that other people would recommend that you should avoid may be great for your needs. It is best if you would check all of the reviews of the reticles that you are considering purchasing before making a choice.

Some Examples of Great Reticles You Should Know

Some reticles are just considered great by beginners and experts. If you have the budget to purchase the right reticle, then you can just check the different items out and make the best choice.

  1. The NightForce Velocity 1000

If you know that you need to fire for up to 1000 yards then there is no need to look any further. This is the one that you need. This will come with a pyramid design that can be useful for easy windage. Bullet drop compensation is up to a kilometer too. Shots can be fast and precise which can make shooting easier for you to do.

  • Vortex EBR-2C

This type of reticle makes use of MRAD measurements that can be effective to compensate for windage and bullet drop. This can also be used when you want to size your target. Some say that it is 2 in 1 and very effective.

  • Schmidt and Bender MSR Reticle

A lot of people like this because they see this as an effective tactical scope. The reticle system can be a bit complicated for beginners. Those who know how to use it will have no trouble making this work for them. The hash marks can make this very accurate. If you are already an expert, this is one of the most useful reticles you will come across.


There are great reticles and there are some that you should learn to avoid this early. The more that you know about them, the better your choice is going to be. The right choice will make a lot of difference with your long-range shooting experience.

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