How Can You Choose Between Red Dot vs Holographic Sight?

What do you call someone who has a lot of guns but cannot even hit a target? Some people would be laughing at this person. He may have all the money and the means to purchase the things that he wants but he cannot be good at using these guns.

Weapon precision is always going to be important and this is something that you can do as long as you have the right tools. Two choices are available if you want to use more advanced technologies. These are red dot and holographic sight. How will you choose between the two?

Why You Should Choose Red Dot Sight?

From the name itself, can you guess what a red dot sight does? This will allow you to get a visual image on your lens. The lens of this item will be coated with a special material. This will allow the light to be reflected so that the target will be easier to find. The red dot can be found on the target. All that you have to do is to hit it.

It may not always be accurate but this will come with a lot of advantages such as the following:

  • Hitting the target will be quicker because you will know if you have a high chance of hitting your prey or not.
  • This can be an advantage when you are using it for close-range shooting because the red dot can be seen easily.
  • This is the choice of people who would like to use handguns that are not common.

Why Consider Getting Holographic Sight?

The design of the holographic sight is very similar to the red dot sight. The difference is you will see a holographic image in circular or in dot form. This is because of the laser that will be reflected on the grid.

  • People consider this easy to use because they can see the holographic image perfectly well.
  • The laser image will surround your target so you will have a clearer idea of when you should shoot.
  • There are also different reticle images to choose from. Pick the one that will work best for you.

Some of the Differences Between These Two Sights

Let us say that you want to know more about these two sights so that you can choose properly. How will you make the best choice? When it comes to power consumption, the red dot will be using less energy as compared to holographic sight. You can consider this when you know that you have to use one of these items for a long time.

For the red dot, the dot will appear right on the target. For the holographic sight, the reticle image will surround the item that you want to hit. You can decide based on what you think will help you hit your target better.

The magnification will also be different. If you are using the red dot and you are trying to magnify the image, you can expect that the dot will also become bigger. At times, it may cover your target. With holographic sight, your target will be closer but the image size will remain the same. Some users consider this an advantage and will choose the holographic sight over the red dot.


The right sight will help you become more accurate when you are trying to hit your target. Consider your preferences and all of the details that you have learned above. You need to get accurate shot placements and one of these two can be helpful to you.

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